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We only use the best Processors ever built.

Intel Channel Partner

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"Get help with Identity Protection"Legal Shield

Our Microsoft Windows Servers use Endpoint Protection.

Access Cloud for Files

Complete Home and Office computer services.

PC Desktops - Laptops - WIFI Routers setup to all your devices.

" Tuneup Special"

Includes: Onsite updates on all devices

Clear all "junk files" off.

check running files to remove unwanted programs and bugs.

Test all Hardware for any issues.

Run full security check.


* We design and build the hardware and software needed to help your Business compete in today's High Tech World.

* We install the Network Software on your computers. Or build you the needed computers including File Servers and Workstations.

* Complete Setup of your Business on a recommended Microsoft Server Software Solution, complete with Training.

* We also do corrections on your current system.

* Service plans available to keep your Network "LAN and WAN" Updated and running smoothly.

* Onsite System Administrator when needed in a very timely manner.

* We have been in Business since 1986 and have  set up over 600 small Businesses in the Southern Nevada region.

* Las Vegas Computer Systems offers onsite Network Administration when you need immediate onsite help.

* We offer a Computer Help Line to all our preferred clients at no extra charge.

* We build some of the finest quality custom built Computers you can buy.

E-Mail us at Bill@LasVegasComputerSystems.com

L.V.C.S. offers "Remote Administration" of your Computers and Servers.

Using the Virtual Private Network technology, We will login to your system and do monthly maintenance and Backups and most of the services needed to keep your Network correct, healthy and up to date. For the Onsite support needed you will get a reduced rate. This is part of our Service Plan service.

Get in touch with your questions.

L.V.C.S. has built it's reputation over the past 26 years as a on time computer service provider.

Our custom built hardware is built and assembled in America by Americans from the best hardware on the market. "Hand Built"

3 year limited warranty on Motherboard,CPU,Memory,Hard Drives. 2 years on remaining parts.

We are proud to service the following long time Customers

The National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 2502 Southern Nevada

To whom it may concern:

  This is a reference letter regarding Las Vegas Computer Systems.  We are a small business (Labor Union) employing approximately 10 people who work on cases on computers.  Since 2004, Las Vegas Computer Systems has maintained our server, 8 computers, 5 laptops, software and hardware systems as well as our website.  In fact, they created and built our website http://NALC2502.com and built all out Workstations and Servers. They have also updated our entire computer system equipment  as needed with custom-built equipment. 

Over the years, we have found this company to be reliable, efficient, and affordable for our needs.  Mr. Liston is readily available to fix our issues  and problems as they occur  in a prompt manner, either on-site or off.  I would recommend Las Vegas Computer systems for any business, large  or small as a great resource. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information

Glenn Norton

American Postal Workers Local 761

To whom it may concern:

In 2005 my Local contracted with Bill Liston of Las Vegas Computer Systems to provide a Windows Small Business File Server both Hardware and the Software to network our existing workstations. Three local workstations at our office and three offsite Workstations at the Main Branch of the US Post Office on Sunset road.

Bill setup the LAN, WAN, and VPN with our existing workstations. He continues to provide monthly Services both onsite and offsite at a very reasonable rate and we use him exclusively for all our Network Administration details and computer needs.

If you wish a personal conversation concerning Bill Liston I can be reached at 702-798-5818 or 702-469-1694

Jerry Bevens

President APWU Local 761

Cadillac Stone Works

Las Vegas

To whom it may concern :

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Las Vegas Computer Systems.

We have used this company for the past 7 years and will continue to do so. Bill Liston, owner is reliable, dependable and most reasonable in all aspects of the technology field. He has setup our Servers and nine workstations in 2004 and both servers and most workstations are still online and working.

He has kept us update to date and running and helped us during our recent office move to a new location. He coordinated all needed aspects of moving all Hardware and Software and did so in a very timely manner.

I highly recommend using Las Vegas Computer Systems, for any of the above issues and more.


Jeff Grail

Owner Cadillac Stone Works.

Vegas Granite & Marble

November 25 2013

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to recommend Las Vegas Computer Systems, as our IT Company for all our computer Hardware, Software and Networking needs.

We started in May 2013 and Bill Liston, owner, was here daily to help setup and organize our computers and Servers. He is always available by phone and will be at our office in hours to fix any problems and get us up and running.

We will continue to use Las Vegas Computer Systems and would highly recommend this company to anyone both business and residential.

SincerelyLinda Endellicate Vegas Granite & Marble, LLC

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